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    Made in LA

    Why is being "Made in LA" important to us. Well to start, Los Angeles is not the sole focus, nor is it the more important focus of the product. "Made in LA" simply means our yarns, fabric and production were locally sourced. This round just happens to be Los Angeles. Fashion production capital of the USA.

    Made in LA is a choice. If we decide to manufacture outside LA, or even outside the USA we will have a reason. In a perfect world we would want to purchase the finest goods from their domestic location and manufacture close to that location for logistics but more importantly to share the business to people, cities or countries that could greatly benefit from our partnership.

    7th and Leroy does not condone business done by companies or their affiliates that promote the unfair stress and work conditions that sweatshops provide. 

    Sweatshops can NOT be tolerated!